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How to identify which is best- Organic or Paid Marketing

Marketing of any kind in today’s world is essential for all businesses be it small, home owned, or large enterprises. Marketing is what helps the customer to see what your product is and helps them to get comfortable with the brand and make a conscious decision of investing in the brand or the product. In the simplest words, marketing is what drives sales and helps you sell your products. So it goes without that marketing is fundamental for all businesses which makes, making smart decisions about marketing and marketing strategy even more important.

Today, almost all businesses are using digital marketing, why? The answer is very simple. To get more customers. To sell your products you have to take into account all available marketing resources and marketing strategies. Digital marketing is not only an inexpensive solution but also easily accessible by all. 

But people often get confused while opting for organic marketing or a paid marketing. So how to identify the best- organic marketing or paid marketing?

Organic marketing as the name suggests is a much more natural and authentic marketing system. Organic marketing or inbound marketing is used to develop a brand identify and drive authentic traffic to your business or your website. It uses customer interactions through blog pages that often lead to your website and other online assets. Main sources through which potential customer find about your brand is: through blogs, social media and search engines.

For better understanding imagine you have a small clothing business for which you currently use organic marketing. Every week you post relevant content for your business, your products, your services, the workings of your business, or the industry related to your business as blog posts that are SEO optimized which means they have relevant keywords that lead customers to your website. You also share similar content on your social media channels using various marketing techniques relevant to different platforms like using relevant hashtags or tagging various influencers also known as influencer marketing or tagging appropriate brands to increase engagement of your content and drive relevant traffic.

But posting stuff online is not enough. You need to analyze all the content to see what is relevant and what drives the most traffic and customize your content to cater to that. The most important thing to see is what drives the most traffic and what content is found organically. These metrics help you see which blogs or posts are most effective in driving sales and leads.

To summarize, the main points to look at while using organic marketing are- 

  • Traffic- traffic helps you identify which content is the most relevant and helps you bring in potential customers so that you can tweak our content accordingly.
  • Keywords- How well you are visible through your on-page SEO and what attracts organic traffic are all related to the right keywords that you use.
  •  Sales- This measure is interrelated to keywords as it accounts for how many leads are being converted due to the blog posts, social media posts, or on-page SEO.
  • Format- This measure shows what kind of content drives most traffic be it blogs, social media marketing, email marketing, etc

It is clear now that organic marketing uses organic methods or natural tactics that are authentic. This is a value-based method as it takes time to alter your content to make it relevant to the customers to create a loyal customer base without pushing your content. Under organic marketing, you are not only selling your products but also investing time in educating your customers, build credibility and engage with them to build a long-lasting brand identity.

Paid marketing, on the other hand, is artificial and pushed marketing to yield more results. Paid marketing is very sales-oriented as its main goal is to spot a customer, reach out to them, engage and convert them into customers. Unlike organic marketing, it does not wait around for the customers to interact with content and then hope to convert them into customers. One main aspect of the paid marketing is ads- which has a certain push factor that directly targets the brand audience.

To understand this better imagine the same clothing store but this time we will be changing our strategy to drive sales. This time you have a certain goal in mind in terms of sales so rather than making blog posts about it you decide to launch a marketing campaign. To do so, you launch around 10-15 ads over the course of 10-12 weeks to examine the best results. After the course of 12 weeks you examine the top-performing ads and then to push further those particular ads you invest in them by putting in money. By the end of your campaign, you review the data to determine the success of the campaign.

To summarize main points to look at while using paid marketing are- 

  • Conversion Rates: This is used to measure the traffic that is driven by the ads and the percentage that has successfully performed the final action of buying the products.
  • Ad Types: This is related to conversion rate as it measures the ad type that drives the most traffic.
  • Engagement: This refers to the content of the ads that drive the most sales and encourages customers to buy the products.
  • Platforms: This measures on which platforms the highest number of leads are converted.

Paid marketing uses specific strategies with a push factor that converts the target audience into customers. As the name suggests it has a certain monetary value included that pushes all the ads to obtain quantifiable results and hit specific sales goals.

 What is the best option?

The best option for any business is to have a mixture of both strategies as organic marketing will help you build a loyal customer base, paid marketing can you help you push the sales. So in other words both marketing strategies complement each other and have certain overlaps.

But you can choose what is best for your business. Most businesses do not have all the means or resources to get paid marketing and invest in ad campaigns. But all businesses must have strong organic marketing as it helps to bring in customers and help build trust for the brand and form an emotional connection.

When both sides work together to help you achieve your goals, you know you have found a perfect balance. Now, all that is left is to keep the content engaging and up to date.

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