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CRM: An Imperative for E-Commerce

This past year when everything was shut down or temporarily closed and people could not go out of their houses, one thing that everyone was grateful for was E-commerce. E-commerce or electronic commerce or internet commerce in simple words means buying and selling of services/goods and transferring of money, these transactions are made with the use of the internet. Using the internet to make any kind of commercial transaction is E-Commerce. It can be of many types depending upon the purpose, B2C which is selling a good to a potential customer, B2B which is selling a good or service to any other business, and so on. For a better understanding, whenever you avail a service from Uber or Ola or buy a product from Amazon or Flipkart that is E-commerce.

E-Commerce in the digital world is very important not only for the customers but also from a business point of view. Today, nobody wants to step out of their comfort place and search the streets for high-quality products and services. Everyone wants all the options available in the market from their homes especially during the time of a global pandemic. E-Commerce is a great way to increase your reach and deliver to a larger audience as the internet is used by millions of people. E-commerce can help you take your brand global. E-commerce can easily provide you new marketing channels and multiple ways to expand your product range.

So, it can be easily inferred that the relationship between a customer and a business is very important to both parties. The customers interact with the businesses through various channels- Websites, telecallers, field salespeople, dealers, and networkers partnered by them. 

Workings of CRM is easy to understand imagine you started a business that is now global, so the customers are very important for you and you need to build a successful relationship with them. So, to make this easy for the customer CRM enables you to do business according to the customers’ wishes. That means at a time they are comfortable, via any channel they want, in any currency or any language. This gives the customer a sense of unified organization with recognition on each step.

Here, the customers and customer relationships become of prime importance as these relationships bridge the gap between businesses and clients/customers.

To ease out the process many companies use customer relationship management or CRM for short. CRM helps the companies to analyze all the customers be it past, present, or future on various levels. Hence, for any business that includes e-commerce sites, CRM becomes essential as it helps them maximize the customer value.

CRM has made an impact in various ways by not just providing excellent customer service but by also managing relationships with the customer. CRM is proven to improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction and build on various aspects like competency, commitment, and trust. CRM can establish relationships and solve customer problems. CRM not only records the customer data all the time but provides a positive customer experience.

CRM has a variety of reasons for it to be proven advantageous as one study suggests that by collecting various customer data the CRM of any company improves or builds their brand, that eventually leads to their corporate success and it can be said that CRM for any e-commerce business is now a necessity. And any interruption in the understanding can lead to the loss of many benefits. CRM allows for a better understanding of the total supply and demand situation, better customer service, and reductions in costs. It allows for the company to see if the potential customer can navigate the website without any issues or problems. And if there is any issue then special ads are used to navigate the potential customer to their website.

CRM is your cheat sheet that stores all the customer information on each in a single place making it a great and powerful tool for communication. Sales, marketing, and customer service departments have an advantage due to CRM. It provides all the customer information including their name, email address, phone number, postal address, and even their birthdays at your fingertips, personalizing the experience. CRM also saves your activities, messages, emails, or customer services. This helps the company to have a better understanding of their customer and the needs of their customers.

While dealing with customers, speed is very important especially if it is related to customer service. CRM provides you with a set of customizable ready-to-use templates, emails, templates proposals, suggestions, etc. CRM helps segment your audience so that you know who you are addressing. It can also have access to customer history making it easier to understand the customer behavior and hence providing great customer service.


We can say that choosing a CRM solution is imperative to each business and one should take their time to study the best options available for them and to do intensive research. While selecting your CRM solution that caters to all your needs take into account the following aspects:

1. Be very clear of all your goals using CRM and how you want to use it to help grow your business.

2. Do thorough research on accessibility, new programs under CRM, and all the topics related to CRM that might be important to you or your business.

3. Read carefully all the instructions related to your CRM solution to ease things out.

4. Work as a team and include all your employees in the process. Explain to them all the technicalities of this and explain the importance of this.

5. Have an overall perspective and clarity of the other tools you are using and keep into consideration how CRM works with other tools. Come up with a solution to you get the maximum benefits by using a mixture of all the tools.

6. Have clarity of how much time and effort is required.

7. Have a clear understanding of all your monetary aspects.

Before, finalizing your CRM program make sure you have all the knowledge required.

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