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We are a team of expert professionals teeming with zest, passion, and appetite to learn & grow.
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We offer the best technical solutions for your business goals and let you focus on your core business.
We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals from different domains of creative design, web development, programming, Internet marketing, and project management. BrewingTechs has a team of 80+ expert professionals teeming with passion and an appetite to learn and grow. We aim to thrive with the doctrine “Quality rather than Quantity”- a motto that serves as our guiding light. At BrewingTechs we provide scalable web, mobile, and marketing solutions- solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your business. We also make available to you dedicated resources for PHP, web designing, ASP.Net, SEO, WordPress, SMO, Laravel development, Android development and Custom application development. The idea is to offer a proactive and seamless one-to-one engagement to cater to your needs in the best possible way.
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We offer the best technical solutions for your business goals and let you focus on your core business.
Our work principle is based on the doctrine "Quality rather than Quantity". We strive to invest in the transformation of experience and demonstrate superior performance. Our aim to provide effective simple and emotionally rich experiences for our clientele. We propose best in class solutions to the requirements and help transform your business into a brand. Our experienced and vigorous professionals from different domains of creative design, web development, programming, Internet marketing, project management etc ensure best deliveries.Our clientele is our utmost priority and we offer around the clock support to satiate their requirements.

We Listen

We believe in effective communication. We listen to all your needs and requirements and work together to provide you a tailor-made solution that speaks to your requirement.

Strategic Planning

We provide the most effective and strategic plan to our clientele keeping in mind scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

Experience Driven

We strive to invest in the transformation of experience, demonstrate superior performance and deliver emotionally rich experiences.

Great Support

You and your business will always be our top priority and we take pride in meeting all your needs around the clock and offer support in every way possible.
Services We Offer

Providing One Stop Solution

We are a team of expert professionals focusing on development, marketing, web design with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

UI & UX Design

The priority of our User Interface specialist teams is to always create user-friendly and client-centric environments and products for all your digital solution needs. Our special teams work and form unique solutions for building the perfect cross-platform app UX and UI designs, wireframes, prototype designs, and then converting the designs to code. We believe that each brand has its unique identity and we make sure your design goes along with that quality.

Web Applications

We provide IT services that are crafted uniquely to your requirements and can fit into your style and system with ease.We'll help you build your website from the ground up,our specialist team uses PostgreSQL, Python, MongoDB, Angular, React, Node. To create simple business workflows. We aim to help your brand create a website that is yours in all essence of the word and that makes the consumer feel the same.

Mobile Applications

Having an app that represents your brand is very important to stay up to date in the consumer market today. Our mobile app developers can help you create an app that a consumer not only installs but keeps using. We create cross-platform applications that eradicate the complexity and need to juggle through different technologies. Your app will be available on the play store and app store in your style, requirements, and budget.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been the way to promote your brand and reach the masses. Today, Internet being the biggest platform connecting billions of people, online marketing is essential to give your brand the reach it deserves. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the places to grow your customer base. And all of this will be very difficult without SEO and SMO. That's where our digital marketing teams step in.

Custom Applications

We are here to propose best solutions for your ideas and requirements and create custom-made applications. Our highly experienced team helps you transform your business idea into a brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being widely used today to create services that cater uniquely to the client. We use deep learning, machine learning, and other tools of AI to power your apps and take them to another level. AI helpsapps run efficiently while creating more output with simplicity.We are not saying we are perfect, we are claiming we're the best to help your brand be unique and be true to its ideas.
Delivering Results

Across Industries

We develop customized solutions to serve clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Our clients have three commonalities: they are high performing, globally minded, and tech/data enabled.


Scable Retail solutions that boost your business with leading-edge technology. Our scalable and user friendly solutions will make u forget the traditional brick and mortar stores.

Food & Restaurant

Want to have the best of dine-in and dine-out experience. We offer platforms tailor-made to your requirements and services like selection from array of options.

Travel & Hospitality

Extend advanced travel & hospitality solutions that automate processes to give your customers memorable experiences at each touch point.

Event and Tickets

We have custom solutions for all the event freaks and event management groups out there. Our team and robust technical solutions ensure that they cater to your all your needs.


Rearrange the transportation related costs for your clients, empower them to book their administrations over the local and customized application.


Forget your worries about management, inventory, maintaining services and other related information from the source level to the consumer level.

Real Estate

Control all your deals with a single touch.Launch your attractive, fully-featured real estate agent website and streamline your business!


Scale your business with pioneer technology to streamline manufacturing and ensure that workers are always productive, even when network access is unavailable.

On Demand Solutions

Our team works in close synchronization with clients offer content tailored to suit each niche and ensures that the platform offers good performance, scalability & adaptability.

Healthcare & Fitness

Are you a wellness practitioner who's looking for well-designed health & wellness application to improve your customers experience?

E-Commerce & B2B B2C

Need E-commerce to kick-start your business? Our team helps your business to come to the market with a great website that not only promotes sales but also offers a hassle-free shopping experience.

Education & E-Learning

We create engaging 'Learning on the go' experiences that help learners acquire learning, apply the acquired learning effectively ,create online learning repositories and much more.

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We offer the best technical solutions for your business goals and let you focus on your core business.






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